War Eagle Mine

The War Eagle Mine is located 12 kilometers east of Tecopa, California at the south end of the Nopah Range. It operated from 1912 until 1957; the last operator the Anaconda Copper Corporation. Despite the extensive mine workings and obviously large tonnage of ore removed from this mine and the adjacent Columbia and Noonday Mines astonishingly little has been published.

The mine workings are entirely within Noonday Dolomite. Mineralization appears to lie along a nearly north-trending vein which dips moderately to the east. A brief examination of the adjacent mines suggests the main ore vein is offset by a post mineral fault system which strikes N 65 W. A series of northeast trending fractures with steep northwest dips are thought to control localization of the ore bodies (Newman and Stewart, 1951).

Although little information is available on the mine workings, it is known they extend about 175 meters below the existing crosscut. Access is via a series of raises and an inclined shaft. The main ore zone has been developed for several thousand feet along strike.

Ore mineralization is restricted to argentiferous galena, but traces of chalcopyrite and pyrite were noted in stopes. Native gold has been reported (Newman and Stewart, 1951). Reportedly, the upper extension of the ore shoot has been oxidized to cerrusite and anglesite.


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